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Dogs looking for friends

IBAN NL62INGB0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A ING Bank-Amsterdam. ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire The Netherlands


Spayed/neutered 5937 dogs and 1880 cat

Current project:


We neutered/spayed 221 dogs and 5 cat in Tavsanli . We will return to continue



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For several years ActieZwerfhonden (= StraydogsCampaign) has been working hard to draw attention to the stray and shelter dogs in Turkey.

The StraydogsCampaign Foundation was founded on April 19 2005, for the purpose of:

gathering funds for organizations focusing on solutions surrounding stray dog population issues in large urban areas and second and third world countries following the Neuter and Return method; as well as executing all other proceedings associated with or stimulating above mentioned, in the widest sense.

Because of the extensiveness of these problems, the foundation for now focusses on the situation regarding stray dogs in Turkey.

Thanks to your support and the help of a small yet enthusiastic team of volunteers the foundation has been able to make a difference for the dogs, but there are still major problems.

The StraydogsCampaign Foundation tries to help the dogs in their own habitat, and does not mediate in re-homing of foreign dogs in the Netherlands.

The foundation:

Finances and organizes spay and neuter programs and educational campaigns.

Tries to connect to the local authorities and population to bring about a mentality change in the way people feel about stray animals and animals in general.

Supports a private dog shelter in Istanbul through funds and goods.

Provides deliberate emergency aid such as medical care during harrowing situations, within the reach of possibility.

Some achievements of the StraydogsCampaign Foundation:

At the end of 2009, the forest shelter was in danger of having to close its doors. StraydogsCampaign contacted the Turkish consulate in The Hague and the Department of Forestry in Ankara. The result being that the responsible politician then suggested changing the law. The new law makes it mandatory for local departments to lend out forest grounds so that care and shelter for stray dogs can be realized there.

The foundation has financed the production of an educational film about the stray dog issue. This film has been shown on Turkish television several times and is also used in the education project of SHKD.

The StraydogsCampaign Foundation financed the printing of 2.000 booklets to go with the education project.

Hundreds of hungry dogs get fed in the forest shelter with finances generated by the foundation and through the Friends Project (overseas adoption) another 50 dogs are fed and receive (medical) care.

In 2009 the foundation organized and financed its first spay and neuter campaign in the mountain village of Sutculer. Throughout the years more campaigns were organized and many more will follow. A lot of stray dogs nowadays have been spayed or neutered or received medical care because of the work done by the StraydogsCampaign Foundation.